The following Vampire Index lists all of the known vampire covens in the Twilight universe. This list is also located in the back of Breaking Dawn.


* = Vampire possesses a quantifiable supernatural talent

- = bonded pair (oldest listed first)

struck = deceased

Covens Edit

The Amazon Coven Edit

Main article: Amazon Coven

The Denali Coven Edit

Main article: Denali Coven

The Egyptian Coven Edit

Main article: Egyptian Coven

The Irish Coven Edit

Main article: Irish Coven

The Olympic Coven Edit

Main article: Olympic Coven

The Romanian Coven Edit

Main article: Romanian Coven

The Volturi Edit

Main article: Volturi Leaders

The Volturi Guard (Partial) Edit

Main article: Volturi Guard

The American Nomads (Partial) Edit

Main article: Nomad, James' Coven, Maria's Coven

The European Nomads (Partial) Edit

Main article: Nomad

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