"She can show people her thought by touching their skin."

-Entry on Renesmee's gift

Tactile thought projecton is the ability to place the user's thoughts and memories into a another person's mind. Renesmee Cullen is the only possess this power.


This power allows the user to project his or her thoughts into another person's mind in the form of vivid pictures, thoughts and feelings, and requires physical contact. It works most handy in comminicating with others when words are not suited to the purpose.

One can also hijack the user's power to access his/her dreams placing his or her hand on their faces as shown when Renesmee fell asleep and Bella "peeped" her dreams.


This power is very similer to Aro's tactile telepathy, given they both need to be physical touch to activate their powers. Unlike most other mind-directed powers, this power cannot be blocked by Bella's shield due to Renesmee's second ability to penetrate shields.


396px-02Edward Cullen
Renesmee's thought projection in an exact reversed incarnation of Edward Cullen's power of telepathy: while Edward can read the thoughts od other from a distance, she can project her thoughts into others through physical touches.