"When he touches someone, he can read every thought the person has ever had."
―Entry on Aro's gift[src]

Tactile telepathy is a special ability that Aro possesses; it makes him capable to read people's thoughts by touching them.


Aro can see all the thoughts someone has ever had upon physical contact with them. The longer the contact, the more thoughts Aro is able to obtain. This gift makes him much more powerful than Edward Cullen's telepathy, as his gift can only let him hear the passing thoughts while Aro can look deeper into the memories.

In New Moon, when Bella was in Italy, Aro attempted to read her mind but failed, just as Edward cannot read Bella's mind.

In Breaking Dawn, Aro uses his talent to read Edward's mind and thus saw into every vampire's mind at the current moment.


Unlike Edward, he can only read a person's mind once being in physical contact with them. Meaning he can easily become a target of danger if he's not careful. This explains why he needs bodyguards to protect him when he is facing a certain target.

Another limitation is that he has no penetrating capability with this gift, meaning he can be blocked by a mental shield such as Bella's.

Similar abilitiesEdit

  • Edward can read the thoughts of others from a distance, which allows him to hear everyone's thoughts at the same time, but he can only hear the thoughts that pass at the moment.

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