250px-Newborn Army
"So Riley dosen't need brains, He needs numbers. Like chess. He's not making knights and bishops. We're just prawns."

- Diego and Bree Tanner.

The Seattle newborn army, also known as Riley's coven in the Twilight saga, was an army of newborn vampires created by Victoria for the sole purpose of getting past the Cullens to kill Bella Swan to get revenge for Victoria's dead solemate James.



Victoria originally was part of the Normadic coven that consisted of, herself, her mate James and their friend Laurent, When the normads reached forks, they found the Cullen family and the human named Bella. Bella was the girl friend (and later fiance and wife) of Edward Cullen. When James realized this, he and Victoria decided to hunt Bella for sports. But James was killed when he made the attempt on her life. Victoria feeling alone and vunerable, quickly ran away. Upon arriving in Seatle, she changed a young college student named Riley Biers and won his heart with lies about her background story an dher feelings. She created more newborns for protection, Deigo, Fred and Raoul were added into their collection. Leading Riley to believe these lies he does anything for Victoria which leads him to his fate in Eclipse.

Known MembersEdit


The Cullens standing over the dead newborns


  • Victoria - leader with the power of self-preservation (killed by Edward Cullen)
  • Riley - second in command (and Victoria's puppet : killed by Seth Clearwater)
  • Raoul - co-leader with the power to lead underlings (killed by the Cullens and the Wolf pack)
  • Kristie - co-leader (killed by the Cullens and the wolf pack)
  • Jen - (killed by the Cullens and the wolf pack)
  • Sara - (killed by the Cullens and the wolf pack)
  • Warren - (killed by the Cullens and the wolf pack)
  • logan - (killed by the Cullens and the wolf pack)
  • Heather - (killed by Cullens and the wolf pack)
  • Jim - (killed by the Cullens and the wolf pack)
  • Dean - (killed by the Cullens and the wolf pack)
  • Kevin - (killed by Emmett Cullen)
  • Casey - (nicknamed Spider man: killed by Sara)
  • Bree Tanner - (killed by Felix under Jane Volturi orders)
  • Deigo - (killed by Victoria and Riley: lost to the sun)
  • Adam - (killed by Victoria and Riley: lost to the sun)
  • Doug - (killed by Victoria an dRiley: lost to the sun)


  • Shelly - (escaped with Steve)
  • Steve - (escaped with Shelly)
  • Fred - (a member with a power of physical repulsion escaped before the war)

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