Nomads are Vampires who wander within a chosen area due to their dietary choice. All or most nomads drink human blood, and more vampires are nomadic than affiliated with a Covens. Most of them live in North America.

Nomads in the Twilight Saga Edit

Twilight Edit

There are few nomadic vampires in Twilight, as the novel serves mostly as an introduction to vampires and their culture. However, what action there is involving nomads is crucial to Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. James' coven, consisting of himself, Victoria, and Laurent, shows up while the Cullens are playing baseball, and James immediately begins hunting Bella Swan — partially because of the way that Edward defends her, and partially because her blood smells very tempting to any vampire, despite the particular potency that it holds for Edward. James tracks Bella to Phoenix, Arizona, but is killed by Emmett Cullen and Jasper before he can kill Bella.

New Moon Edit

Victoria shows up again in New Moon after Edward leaves, planning to kill Bella (in this way she would avenge James' death--rather than killing Edward, Emmett, or Jasper, all of whom had a hand in destroying him, she decides to kill Bella--as she puts it, "mate for mate"). Laurent also comes back and is subsequently killed by the werewolves, although he is not really a nomad by that point as he has joined Tanya's coven in Denali, Alaska.

Eclipse Edit

In Eclipse, Victoria comes back with an army of Nomadic vampires, as Victoria's coven of newborns is Seattle-based

These vampires are eventually destroyed by the combined forces of the Olympic Coven and Quileute tribe.

Breaking Dawn Edit

Breaking Dawn has the most interaction with nomads, as many vampires come from all over the world to testify for the Cullens that Renesmee is not an immortal child but a half-human. The nomads who come to Forks (and others) are listed below.

Known Nomads Edit