"Afton has a minor shielding skill, but it is limited by the fact that he cannot project it outside of himself. He has the ability to make himself invisible to attackers, but someone with a strong focus can see through the illusion. A person standing directly behind him can be hidden, too, but this is not a very reliable safeguard."
―Entry on Afton's gift[src]

Mental invisibility is the ability to make the user mentally invisible to others. Afton is the vampire who possesses this power.

It can also hide someone by the user directly standing in front of a person. This power works by making pursuers think he is invisible.


It has been explained that this power is very limited and much weaker than a real shield in that it can only "shield" the user. And if someone has a strong ability of focus, he can easily see past the invisibility. Since this power takes place in the mind, it most likely has no effect against Bella's shield.

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