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Kim is a Quileute girl on whom shapeshifter Jared Cameron imprints.


Bella Swan first sees Kim at a Quileute bonfire, in Eclipse. While there, Jacob informs Bella that she had a crush on Jared for a while, sitting next to him in class every day at school and also going to the extent of writing her name with his surname into her diary/journal. Bella wonders why Jared would say something about his "soulmate" to the boy, and Jacob explains that Jared could not help it, thanks to the pack's ability to read each others' minds.

Jared phased and immediately imprinted on Kim, nicely reciprocating her crush. In the book it is also mentioned that Jared imprinted on her in History class. Jacob also explains how Jared never took notice in her until he looked at her for the first time after he changed into a shapshifter, and he never looked away.

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She had a wide face, mostly cheekbones, with eyes too small to balance them out. Her nose and mouth were both too broad for traditional beauty. Her flat black hair was thin and wispy in the wind". She notices her smooth skin that 'looked like russet-colored silk in the firelight', the perfect shape of her lips and 'how white her teeth were against them' and how her long eyelashes brushed her cheek when she looked down.


When Bella first sees Kim, she describes her as being "a nice girl, a little shy and a bit plain". After watching Jared looking at her, Bella notices how truly beautiful she is, and not plain at all. Watching them, she realizes just how strongly imprinting affects shape-shifters.


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