Jane is a vampire a high ranked member of the volturi guard she is the sister of Alec Volturi and together they are the most poverful offensive weapons the Volturi. Jane has a ablity to inflict a metal illusion of burning pain

Description and Personality Edit

250px-Jane the devil
Jane is a blondy ginger she is a Volturi vampire a royal vampire she feeds on human blood her eye color is red her eye color is connected to her vampire diet. She wears a royal cape and a Volturi necklace Jane has a very dark personality and she takes her advances pover to torture others She is easily angered by otheres and is known to lose her temper alot. She has a hatred against Bella because her power seems useless against her.Jane also has a jelious side she got very eve when Aro gave Bella a diamond necklace.She has a very loving relationship with her brother Alec Volturi . Jane


Kate and Jane are enemies mainly because they share a similer power they see each other as their hated opponent It's basicaly all about who's the best to them both they are not friends and hate each other truly they are the best, of enemies. Jane also dislikes Bella because her pover seem's useless against her she fines's it very anoying that she can not torture Bella and feels like her power is no use against Bella.


Alec is Jane's younger brother he was born two minuets earliy they have loving relationship and always look after each other Alec teases Jane alot and finds it funny to do so. Alec is the one who calms her down when she gets into her little tantrums or anger fits he is a good brother to Jane and they are very close they both have extremely great talents and together are the witch twins.