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According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, Hilda's coven was a group of six female vampires, founded by a female vampire named Hilda.

This coven was destroyed when the Volturi accused them for drawing too much attention, with only two survivors: Heidi who become their servant (due to Chelsea's gift) and Victoria who escaped their soldiers.


Hilda changed Heidi, Anne and Mary out of pity for their lives as humans. Later, Anne went back to London and changed her younger sister, Victoria. A few years later they were joined by Noela. All the others in her coven were abused as humans. They were able to coexist with each other because none of them craved power or authority. The coven met its end when the Volturi, lead by Aro, visited them. Caius accused them of attracting too much attention, and Hilda disagreed. Aro proclaimed them guilty and Hilda angrily accused him of lying, and was immediately killed by the guards. The rest of the coven were halted by Jane's gift. Heidi, under the influence of Chelsea's power, decided to join the Volturi. Sensing that the rest of them were going to die, Victoria yelled for the rest of her covenmates to run, but they were quickly caught and killed.

However, Victoria was able to escape thanks to her gift of self-preservation, and was killed centuries later by Edward Cullen in 2006 when she was avenging her mate, James. Heidi is the only surviving member and serves the Volturi.


  • Hilda
    The leader of the coven. Killed by the Volturi.
  • Anne
    Victoria's older sister. Killed by the Volturi.
  • Victoria
    Anne's younger sister who had the power of self-preservation. Killed by Edward Cullen.
  • Heidi
    A member who has the power of physical attraction, who later became the Volturi's "fisher".
  • Mary
    A member of this coven. Killed by the Volturi.
  • Noela
    The newborn who was brought into the coven shortly before she died. Killed by the Volturi.